Pee Wee's LXM World Adventure

Pee Wee is the mascotte of the LXM Facebook community.
He is a real Mini lover and tries to take a ride wherever he comes.
Pee Wee started his LXM World Adventure in August 2014 and his goal is to visit as many states and countries as possible.
He gets support from the LXM Facebook community to travel where ever het wants to go.
Latest news: Pee Wee is MIA since Januari 2017.

More News and pictures will follow if available.

- Donald Bram brought Pee Wee to Jacksonville Fl, USA.
- Ken Owen brought Pee Wee to Jacksonville.
- David Hatlett spend a couple of days with Pee Wee.
- (Joanna Felix Kunz and Bill Kunz) spend a month with Pee Wee.
- Pee Wee was 3 weeks in October 2014 with Caleb Velez.
- Peggy Dyer Dowker spend some time in November 2014 with Pee Wee.
- Lori Landwehr is Pee Wee's host for Christmas+New Year 2014 in Marengo, Illinois.
- Loretta Kaiser is showing Pee Wee around in Albuquerque, New Mexico during January 2015.
- Ian Flanagan was Pee Wee's host for a couple of months.
- Brian G. Davies showed Pee Wee around in the beginning of August 2015 in Kansas City.
- Lizzy Reyes took Pee Wee with her in August-September 2015 on a trip abroad to Antigua Guatamala.
- Karolina Hodgsen showed Pee Wee in September-October 2015 Stone Mountain in Georgia.
- Melanie Beers Took Pee Wee in October 2015 to Everglades Holiday Park and Newport, Tennessee.
- Bryan G Schneider took Pee Wee to the MOT 2016 where he met Tanya Loomis from Gangmills, NY.
- Jaime Luis in Cayey, Puerto Rico got a visit by Pe Wee in April 2016.
- Tanya Loomis had Pee Wee until Januari 3, 2017.
- Charlotte Coghlin from Canada received him in Februari 2018.
- Don Simpson went with Pee Wee in April 2018 to MOTD.
- Andy Snyder took Pee Wee in May 2018 to London and the Mini Plant in Ofxord, UK.
- Steve Gary went with PeeWee in October 2019 to the Tail of the Dragon !